Best Online Guitar Lessons Selection Tips

Having the ability to learn the guitar online is something that is truly amazing these days. In the past, a lot of people were forced to either teach themselves how to play the guitar, or pay for pretty expensive lessons in person.

Guitar Lessons

These days, there are so many options online for guitar lessons that it can sometimes be difficult to pick which one to go with. Here are a few tips on selecting an online guitar lesson provider and what to expect when first starting out.


The first step when it comes to finding the best online guitar lesson option is to do research. People should treat this like they are buying something online or shopping in general. There are a lot of review articles out there, and people should always be wary of fake reviews or paid reviews from companies. Most of the time, they can be sniffed out if it looks too good to be true.

Trustworthy reviews will go over everything that a guitar lesson provider offers. It is important to know all the positives, but it is equally important to find out any negatives. The reviews that talk about negatives are more than likely going to be truthful.

Companies like JamPlay, GuitarTricks, TrueFire and more are good places to start with research. JamPlay in particular continues to get solid reviews across the board for all they provide.

Find The Right Skill Level

Just because he person is trying to take on my guitar lessons does not mean that they are a true beginner. While the majority of people will have little to no experience, a person with a guitar background is not going to get anything out of an introductory course that teaches the very basics.

Many of the top online guitar lesson providers offer an extensive course, so a person who is advanced can jump to the section they wish. However, there are also providers who actually focus on more advanced lessons exclusively. It is all about finding the right overall fit and learning technique.

Try The Best Options Out

With the market being so competitive online, just about every single guitar lesson provider will offer a free trial for new users. This is a great way to tryout the course and see everything that it provides. It is usually something that only lasts a few days, so make sure that there is enough time to sift through it all.

A lot of these companies are more than willing to answer questions as well during the trial period. They are essentially trying to win the business of each new customer by showcasing everything they offer. This is a great time to ask questions and also just actually take a few of the courses to see if anything clicks.

During this trial process, a lot can be learned about the teaching styles out there. If it is very hard to understand the initial lessons, it might not be the right option. A good teaching style for a person should also motivate them to want to get better and better. If it seems like something that will be boring within a few weeks, it is probably time to look elsewhere.

Another thing that is great to look at during the trial period is the pricing. They will break down exactly what the cost is for a subscription, or a one-time fee. Just about every online guitar lesson provider will cost considerably less than offline lessons.

Connect With Communities

One of the more interesting things about online guitar lessons is the rise in popularity of using communities. These communities sometimes are standalone, but a lot of the reputable lesson providers actually have exclusive communities for their customers.

Using a community can help in a number of ways, and many people cite it as a difference maker between sticking with the lessons and going elsewhere. Since everyone in the community has either gone through the lessons part already or is just starting out, everyone is basically in the same boat. Questions can be answered during tough sections. Tips on staying focus can be shared. All these communities are filled with motivators that act like an additional support team.

Offline lessons simply don’t offer something like this. It can be hard to find motivation from other people besides the instructor. In fact, offline lessons can feel very isolated at times when reaching tough sections.

Ultimately, the effort put into the lessons is up to the person. No one online is going to be able to truly motivate someone if they just don’t have that drive to practice. However, most people do have that drive, they just need a little push during the tough times. If they lacked any drive, they likely wouldn’t be spending money online for lessons.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, shopping for online guitar lessons should be viewed as an exciting time. People doing this are eager to learn and play the guitar, so it just comes down to finding the right instructors. Only an individual is going to know exactly what they want out of the lessons, and when they will be able to practice.

For example, for some people, mobile-friendly lessons are essential because they are always on the move. For others, it won’t matter, because they will always be practicing at home. Just make sure that the right amount of time and effort is put into researching some of the best options available. Picking the right provider can kickstart the entire learning process.

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